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Looking for a good night’s sleep? With bedding filled with DACRON® fiberfill, you can trust that pillows will feel heavenly, comforters will stay warm, and mattress pads will provide comfort and protection. INVISTA's fiberfill is designed to meet the needs of different sleepers, so you can find the product that is best suited to your sleep habits.

In North and South America, the variety of bedding products filled with INVISTA’s branded fiberfill will carry the DACRON® fiber quality seal. Within the branded fiberfill offering, consumers can find a comfort level to suit their individual needs:

  • COMFOREL® fiberfill – the closest to down of all INVISTA fiberfills. With the COMFOREL® fiberfill product line, INVISTA offers a variety of comfort levels to meet the needs of the down alternative consumer.
  • Performa® fiberfill – providing innovative solutions, such as added firmness and freshness
  • Duralife™ fiberfill – for pillows that are not only comfortable and durable—but economical, as well

Rest assured that pillows fluffed with quality DACRON® fiberfill, identified with the DACRON® fiber quality seal, will have you sleeping like a baby, night after night.

For consumers in Asia-Pacific, click here and select your region to find local product information.