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FLEXISOLV® Solvent Solutions

Whether you are a formulator or an end-user, INVISTA's FLEXISOLV® products provide you with effective solvent solutions for applications such as coatings, inks, binder systems, adhesives, plasticizers, polyols, pigments, personal care, HI&I cleaners, paint strippers and graffiti removers.

FLEXISOLV® solvent solutions are products designed to meet your evolving needs in a rapidly changing regulatory environment without sacrificing effectiveness and affordability. They include a range of product families including DBE® esters, alcohols and formulated microemulsions.

For more than 30 years, INVISTA’s DBE® esters have catered to consumers’ needs for solvents with desirable regulatory attributes, cost-effectiveness and performance in a variety of applications. INVISTA builds upon this legacy by proactively adding new, innovative and unique products to its FLEXISOLV® brand product portfolio.

Market Segments and End Uses