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The POLYCLEAR® PET family of products includes packaging resins and specialty PET resins, which serve a variety of markets such as large containers, water, cosmetic and custom container applications. Containers made from POLYCLEAR® PET offer pristine color, clarity and gloss and provide optimum consumer appeal. In addition, containers made from POLYCLEAR® PET can be reclaimed in available PET recycling chains.

PET polymer innovations continue to produce valuable product offerings, which is apparent in the newest addition to the POLYCLEAR® PET line, POLYCLEAR® EBM PET. POLYCLEAR® EBM PET is a co-polyester designed for use in extrusion blow molding operations and is particularly suited for containers requiring a handle, which after use, can be recycled in the standard PET stream. POLYCLEAR® EBM PET resin has high melt strength and slow crystallization to allow for processing on typical extrusion blow molding equipment when adapted for processing PET.