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INVISTA's POLYSHIELD® resin monolayer, PET barrier technology was designed to meet the shelf life and barrier requirements of oxygen-sensitive food and beverages—including beer, juice, and wine. Bottles produced from our POLYSHIELD® resin meet the demanding performance criteria of brewers around the world.

POLYSHIELD® resin plus nylon MXD6 makes an excellent oxygen and carbon dioxide barrier, protecting the taste and freshness of oxygen-sensitive food and beverages. Other attributes of POLYSHIELD® resin include:

  • Glass-like clarity for colored or tinted containers
  • Recyclable in the colored PET stream
  • Customized container designs

POLYSHIELD® resin runs on standard PET preform and bottle manufacturing equipment. Packaging made from our POLYSHIELD® resin is lightweight, cost competitive and can be pasteurized and filled with hot liquid.