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TERRIN™ Polyols

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Capitalizing on our 45 years of manufacturing experience across the polyester chain, INVISTA offers sustainable and innovative solutions to the polyurethane industry.    

TERRIN™ polyols can be used in lieu of or in combination with conventional polyether or polyester polyols to formulate a variety of polyurethane products designed to be soft and flexible—or hard and stiff. These versatile, aliphatic, polyester polyols can be used in applications ranging from viscoelastic foam to spray coatings and adhesives to elastomeric resins.   

TERRIN™ Polyols:

  • Are cost competitive in comparison to conventional polyols
  • Contain a minimum of 50% recycled or renewable content. In fact, TERRIN™ 170 polyol is made entirely of raw materials that are either recycled or renewable.1  
  • Have similar hydroxyl values to castor oil, and can be substituted on a nearly equal weight basis
  • Are REACH and TSCA compliant

In addition, these polyols are an easily handled, low-viscosity liquid at room temperature. TERRIN™ product offerings—especially 168 and 168G—remain pourable liquids at -15°C/5°F and below.2 TERRIN™ polyols do not crystallize and exhibit Tg in a range of approximately -60°C to -75°C. 

Contact Us

Direct questions/sample requests to, +49 69 305 85557 (EU), or +1-800-231-0998 (US).

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1 As defined by ISO 14021 section 7.8; preliminary estimate based on small-scale production.

2 Patents pending; consult the SDS for additional physical-chemical, safety and health information.