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TORZEN® PA66 Resin

INVISTA is the world’s largest producer of nylon 6,6 polymer and intermediates* and a growing force in the engineering polymers market. Since its launch in 2009, INVISTA Engineering Polymer Solutions has expanded its business into North America, South America, Europe and Asia. And now, through quality products, service excellence and global scope, customers will experience new market forces at work under the TORZEN® brand.

The TORZEN® brand stands for enhanced value for customers, with applications in automotive, electrical/electronic, industrial, or consumer markets.

INVISTA’s Engineering Polymer Solutions business believes that a streamlined portfolio of nylon 6,6 (PA66) products can deliver greater efficiencies and cost-competitiveness. Additionally, INVISTA’s service and technical expertise complement a commitment to work with customers to identify exciting new applications.

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*According to a 2013 capacity report from the PCI Polyamide Yellowbook

Market Segments and End Uses