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INVISTA Intermediates

Nylon Intermediates and Specialty Materials segments make up the framework of INVISTA Intermediates.

Nylon Intermediates

At the core of INVISTA Intermediates are nylon chemical intermediates, which begin as “raw” or “ingredient” chemicals that are transformed through a series of steps in the manufacturing process. As an integrated supplier, INVISTA plays a role in many of these steps—from the intermediate, to polymer and to fiber or resin. INVISTA manufactures nylon 6,6 polymer from key nylon ingredients, such as adipic acid, adiponitrile (ADN) and hexamethylene diamine (HMD). INVISTA is a world leader in ADN manufacturing technology, with one of the most cost-effective and efficient ADN technologies in use today.

Specialty Materials

INVISTA Specialty Materials serves diverse markets not only with its nylon intermediates, but also with its specialty chemicals and polyester intermediates. With products—like TERATHANE® polyether glycol, FLEXISOLV® solvent solutions, DYTEK® idea intermediates, TERATE® polyols, OXYCLEAR® barrier resin, POLYCLEAR® PET and POLYSHIELD® resin—INVISTA offers value-adding solutions to customers. Specialty chemicals are used in a variety of applications: apparel, carpeting, polyurethanes, transportation, coatings, adhesives, building materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, cleaning solutions, fragrances and printing inks. Polyester intermediates go into various end-use segments: rigid packaging, technical fibers, textiles and film.