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Nylon Engineering Polymer

As the world’s largest producer of nylon 6,6 (PA66) polymer and intermediates*, INVISTA is building an ever-growing product portfolio of engineering polymers and expanding its capabilities across Asia, Europe, North America and South America.

INVISTA Engineering Polymer Solutions offers TORZEN® PA66 resin and other high-quality nylon resins for automotive, electrical/electronics, industrial and consumer applications. The business seeks to offer value through a simplified product portfolio, economies of scale, supply integration, innovative sourcing models and supply chain logistics.

Staffed with local expertise around the globe, INVISTA Engineering Polymer Solutions provides technical advice and support, as well as an experienced marketing and technical team to work closely with its customers to identify innovative product applications.

The TORZEN® Brand

The TORZEN® brand represents INVISTA's premium PA66 resins, as well as a promise to be a solution provider for its customers. INVISTA's strategy is to launch an extensive global and—where needed—localized portfolio of products that offers robust performance, excellent processability and opportunities for using recycled content.

The strategy incorporates the entire value chain, from chemical intermediates to the OEMs or other end use customers.

For more information, visit or browse our list of TORZEN® PA66 resins.

* According to a 2013 capacity report from the PCI Nylon Yellowbook