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What can the Back to Asia™ program do for you?

INVISTA's Back to Asia™ program not only gives Asian students and graduates the opportunity to gain real-world working experience by living and working in the United States for around a year, it gives them the opportunity to work for a company that empowers its employees to be entrepreneurial. The goal of the program is to find high-potential candidates and provide them with an understanding of INVISTA's global business and Market-Based Management® philosophy. INVISTA's MBM® framework teaches people how to create real, sustainable value for customers and society as a whole.

INVISTA trains participants of its Back to Asia™ program in functional and leadership programs that aid in their overall professional development. Participants focus on competency in business; enhance their management and leadership skills; and improve their personal efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace. Through this unique experience, successful program participants can realize and maximize their career and leadership potential, when ultimately returning to Asia.