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INVISTA Performance Surfaces and Materials

INVISTA Performance Surfaces & Materials produces fibers and fabrics that provide innovative solutions to commercial, residential, automotive and industrial customers.


INVISTA Performance Surfaces and Materials works to provide manufacturers and retail customers around the globe with a wide range of innovative fiber technologies for carpets, rugs and bedding around the globe. Your flooring can say something about your company or your home. With its ANTRON® carpet fiber STAINMASTER® carpet, INVISTA Performance Surfaces and Materials offers corporate and residential customers quality carpet and rugs. It also can offer them a comfortable night’s sleep with bedding, sheets, pillows and comforters made from its COMFOREL® and DACRON® fiberfill.


The automotive segment of this business uses INVISTA fibers for air bags, carpeting, mats and upholstery. INVISTA’s CORDURA® fabric and ANTRON® performance fiber can be used in car seats and automotive carpeting, respectively. INVISTA also plays a role in the fibers that may be less noticeable, but even more important. INVISTA’s commitment to science, safety and quality positions it as a leader in the air bag industry—where lives may depend on superior knowledge and materials. INVISTA’s integrated supply chain, from petrochemicals to the manufacturing of nylon 6,6 fiber, allow it to produce this advanced technical yarn across the globe.


As a solution provider, INVISTA Performance Surfaces and Materials brings technical expertise to industrial and specialty markets through its industrial nylon offerings, which are used in applications ranging from apparel and equipment to sewing thread and cordage. INVISTA's CORDURA® fabric is used in backpacks, luggage, footwear, tents, industrial work wear and military applications.