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PET Polymer & Resin

INVISTA has a long history of providing innovative polyester polymers and resins to the fiber and nonwovens market.

INVISTA boasts a versatile portfolio of polyester polymer products, including clear and filled resins; homo- and co-polymers tailored for enhanced performance; functional fiber options; spun bond nonwoven polymers; bulk continuous filament resins; and various custom polymers to meet a diverse set of needs and performance criteria, including polymers for high-performance engineering applications. These products are suitable for application in the automotive, textile, construction, consumer goods and technical industries.

These polymers and resins come in a variety of lusters, from clear to full-dull, and are used in numerous end-use applications, such as apparel, BCF carpet and nonwoven applications.

Polyester homo- and co-polymers for the film and sheet market have been developed to enhance performance for the convertor and brand owner. These polymers serve markets including APET, CPET, thin and thick film, and thermal sealing.

In addition, INVISTA offers a variety of specialty packaging resins, including materials that offer an increased barrier against oxygen and carbon dioxide.

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