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INVISTA's MBM® Guiding Principles
  • Integrity: Conduct all affairs with integrity, for which courage is the foundation.
  • Compliance: Strive for 10,000% compliance with all laws and regulations, which requires 100% of employees fully complying 100% of the time.  Stop, think and ask.
  • Value Creation: Create long-term value by the economic means for customers, the company and society.  Apply MBM® to achieve superior results by making better decisions, pursuing safety and environmental excellence, eliminating waste, optimizing and innovating.
  • Principled Entrepreneurship™: Apply the judgment, responsibility, initiative, economic and critical thinking skills, and sense of urgency necessary to generate the greatest contribution, consistent with the company’s risk philosophy.
  • Customer Focus: Understand and develop relationships with customers to profitably anticipate and satisfy their needs.
  • Knowledge: Seek and use the best knowledge and proactively share your knowledge while embracing a challenge process.  Develop measures that lead to profitable action.
  • Change: Anticipate and embrace change.  Envision what could be, challenge the status quo and drive creative destruction through experimental discovery.
  • Humility: Exemplify humility and intellectual honesty.  Constantly seek to understand and constructively deal with reality to create value and achieve personal improvement.  Hold yourself and others accountable.
  • Respect: Treat others with honesty, dignity, respect and sensitivity.  Appreciate the value of diversity. Encourage and practice teamwork.
  • Fulfillment: Find fulfillment and meaning in your work by fully developing your capabilities to produce results that create the greatest value.