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As private companies, INVISTA and other Koch subsidiaries are better equipped to weather the cycles of business and respond quickly to market developments. Because the focus is on maximizing long-term value, INVISTA is not distracted by a need to meet quarterly earnings projections. INVISTA is willing to make tough decisions, react rapidly to market opportunities and is able to absorb volatility.

Maintaining strong financial health has always been a priority for INVISTA and other Koch companies, which cultivate a disciplined style of managing their businesses and investments. Though INVISTA and Koch Industries, Inc. do not release financial information to the public, INVISTA’s financial performance is evaluated in a way that fully represents economic reality.

In addition, Koch Industries’ historical practice of reinvesting as much as 90 percent of earnings has created the financial strength necessary for Koch companies to grow and diversify. This willingness to forgo larger short-term dividends has fueled long-term growth and has allowed Koch Industries to complete about $80 billion in acquisitions and other capital investments since 2003.