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FLEXISOLV® solvent solutions

Whether you are a formulator or an end-user, FLEXISOLV® solvent solutions provide you with effective solvent solutions for applications such as coatings, inks, binder systems, adhesives, plasticizers, polyols, pigments, personal care, HI&I cleaners, paint strippers and graffiti removers.

FLEXISOLV® solvent solutions are products designed to meet your evolving needs in a rapidly changing regulatory environment, without sacrificing effectiveness and affordability. They include a range of product families including DBE® esters, alcohols and formulated microemulsions.


THF is a chromatographic solvent for gel permeation chromatography and a reaction solvent for:

  • Grignard reagents
  • Alkali metals, alkyl and arylalkali metal compounds
  • Alkali metal aluminum hydrides and borohydrides
  • Steroids and high-molecular-weight organic polymers