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FLEXISOLV® solvent solutions

Whether you are a formulator or an end-user, FLEXISOLV® solvent solutions provide you with effective solvent solutions for applications such as coatings, inks, binder systems, adhesives, plasticizers, polyols, pigments, personal care, HI&I cleaners, paint strippers and graffiti removers.

FLEXISOLV® solvent solutions are products designed to meet your evolving needs in a rapidly changing regulatory environment, without sacrificing effectiveness and affordability. They include a range of product families including DBE® esters, alcohols and formulated microemulsions.


Tetrahydrofuran (THF) is an industrial solvent widely recognized for its unique combination of useful properties. It is used as a resin solvent for uncured and thermoplastic polyurethanes used in coating media, such as magnetic tapes and synthetic leather. It is also used in PVC top coating, reactor cleaning and film casting—in addition to cellophane coating and printing inks for plastics.

THF is a chromatographic solvent for gel permeation chromatography and a reaction solvent for:

  • Grignard reagents
  • Alkali metals, alkyl and arylalkali metal compounds
  • Alkali metal aluminum hydrides and borohydrides
  • Steroids and high-molecular-weight organic polymers