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LYCRA® Fibre Helps to Streamline Speedo’s Revolutionary FASTSKIN³ Swimsuits

LYCRA® Fibre Helps to Streamline Speedo’s Revolutionary FASTSKIN³ Swimsuits

INVISTA, one of the world’s largest integrated producers of fibres and polymers, announces that its LYCRA® fibre has been chosen by Speedo for the revolutionary FASTSKIN³ swimsuit collection unveiled on Nov. 30, during an exclusive global launch. With a heritage spanning more than 35 years of helping swimwear fabrics provide exceptional fit, form and function for the water, the LYCRA® fibre brand has a natural alliance with the world of swimming, and INVISTA has a long history of providing Speedo with its premium fibres.

The Speedo FASTSKIN³ collection comprises three tiers of technology that are tailored to the requirements of swimmers of differing abilities. LYCRA® fibre has been used across all three levels of the FASTSKIN³ collection.

The FASTSKIN³ Super Elite Swimsuit uses the highly innovative HYDRO-K ZONE 3D FABRIC. INVISTA’s premium fibre for swimwear - Xtra Life LYCRA® fibre - has been incorporated into this pinnacle product. The varying decitexes of LYCRA® fibre knitted throughout the fabric help to create the graduated compression across different body zones.

For female swimmers, Speedo has developed an innovative Arm Hole Entry system which makes the garment easier to get on and off, yet still providing maximum coverage of fabric over the body, and thereby optimizing hydrodynamic performance. The high LYCRA® fibre content helps to create the extreme stretch and recovery required for the athlete to physically fit into the suit through the armhole!

Speedo has launched a world-first concept to revolutionize the world of swimming – a cap and goggle as well as the FASTSKIN³ suit, and all are engineered to work together as one Racing System™. Swimmers using the entire FASTSKIN³ Racing System have experienced a reported 11% improvement in oxygen economy**, a 5.2% reduction in active drag*, up to 16.6% reduction in passive drag*, and a 3% improvement in starts**.

*versus standard suit, aquasocket goggle and flat silicone cap on male athlete

**versus standard suit, aquasocket goggle and flat silicone cap

The FASTSKIN³ Racing System is Speedo’s most advanced swimwear and equipment technology launch to date. Time and again, Speedo has confirmed its world class reputation as one of the most innovative sports brands, and INVISTA is proud that LYCRA® fibre was chosen as a key ingredient in this development.

LYCRA® is a trademark of INVISTA

SPEEDO, the ARROW device, FASTSKIN, AQUALAB and LZR RACER are registered trademarks of Speedo Holdings B.V. Racing System is a trademark of Speedo Holdings B.V.  The LZR RACER suit has worldwide design rights and patents. The FASTSKIN3 cap, goggle and suit has worldwide design rights and patents pending.

LYCRA® fibre has for many years been an important ingredient for swimwear and INVISTA has recently added innovations to its portfolio by launching Xtra Life LYCRA® fibre which helps enhance the longevity of costumes. Swimwear is often exposed to harsh conditions such as chlorine and sun creams, lotion and oils that can reduce the life-span of the garment.

The benefits of Xtra Life LYCRA® fibre include:

  • Long-lasting, beautiful fit
  • Up to 10 times more resistant to chlorine than standard elastane
  • Resists “bag and sag” found in swimwear made with standard elastane
  • Ensures swimwear has stretch and recovery power and fits like new for longer

Do you know the LYCRA® fibre brand?

The LYCRA® fibre brand is an integral element in many of the worlds leading fashion brands but is often misunderstood. “LYCRA®” is not a fabric in its own right. It is not the name of the category of stretch fabrics or clothing. It is the world’s leading brand of elastane fibre and other premium stretch fibres and fabrics that can be combined with many other fabrics such as cotton, wool, leather or even cashmere. It is a brand that delivers the consumer promise of comfort, fit and freedom of movement. A touch of LYCRA® fibre ingredient can help make garments and the people that wear them look better and feel better. LYCRA® branded fibres are essential ingredients in fashion today, driving innovation and helping designers and brands to produce stylish, beautiful clothes. LYCRA® branded fibres are found in all types of garments from underwear and swimwear, jeans and tailored suits to sportswear, hosiery and sweaters.

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