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Introducing New DACRON® Memorelle™ Fiberfill with SMARTfill Technology™, the Gentler Memory Foam Alternative

Sleepers who love the feel of memory foam but desire a pillow that's more flexible to the way they sleep will rejoice at the introduction of new DACRON® Memorelle™ fiberfill featuring SMARTfill technology™, a memory foam-like alternative that's gentler on pressure points and more adaptable to the sleeper's movements. The SMARTfill technology™ gives the pillow a fluid movement so pressure is more evenly distributed and the head and neck rest comfortably.

In a recent nationwide consumer survey conducted by the DACRON® North American brand team, 88 percent of respondents reported interest in purchasing a foam alternative pillow.[1] However, while they like the support of memory foam, some have issues with its stiffness. DACRON® Memorelle™ fiberfill provides virtually equivalent head and neck support of a memory foam pillow, but the precision cut length, microdenier fibers continually adjust to the movement of the head and neck.

“We believe DACRON® Memorelle™ fiberfill is a breakthrough combination of the best qualities of memory foam and fiberfill,” said Brian Nix, segment manager for INVISTA's North America Fiberfill business. “Unlike pillows of conventional memory foam, DACRON® Memorelle™ fiberfill adjusts more easily to your preferred sleeping position.”

Along with technological advantages and an affordable price, DACRON® Memorelle™ fiberfill has numerous practical benefits. Not only is DACRON® Memorelle™ fiberfill odorless, it's machine washable and dryable, and the pillow fits into standard pillow cases.

Pillows made with DACRON® Memorelle™ fiberfill qualify for the DACRON® fiber quality seal on their package. The DACRON® fiber quality seal is based on a legacy of fiber technologies that have earned people's trust for more than 50 years. In nationwide consumer surveys, two-thirds of consumers recognize the DACRON® brand – one of the highest ratings over other comparable home textile brands. Sixty percent of home textile shoppers surveyed say they would pay more for bedding products featuring the DACRON® fiberfill quality seal.

“We believe DACRON® Memorelle™ fiberfill will be a successful product for us globally,” continued Nix, adding, “We received a great response to it from customers at the recent Intertextile Shanghai Home Textile Show.”

[1] 2011 Online blind consumer research with nationally representative panel of U.S. home textiles decision makers.

About the DACRON® fiber quality seal

The DACRON® fiber quality seal is on the packaging of bedding products filled with luxuriously comfortable Comforel® fiberfill, durable and functional Performa® fiberfill, and long-lasting DuraLife™ fiberfill. The DACRON® fiber quality seal is based on a legacy of fiber technologies that have earned people's trust for more than 50 years. With two-thirds of respondents saying they are familiar with the DACRON® brand in a 2010 nationwide survey, it has one of the highest levels of consumer awareness among popular home furnishings brands. With the quality seal's taglines of “Trust What's Inside” and “It Just Feels Good,” consumers can immediately recognize that pillows bearing the DACRON® fiber quality seal offer a combination of fill power, comfort and durability.

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