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INVISTA Continues to Invest in Driving Differentiation and Innovation through its STAINMASTER® Brand

New TruSoft™ Fiber Delivers “Wow” Factor

INVISTA Surfaces, a division of INVISTA Performance Surfaces & Materials and maker of STAINMASTER® carpet fibers, complements its constantly expanding portfolio with a new fiber innovation designed to “wow” consumers looking for the ultimate in softness, beauty and performance.

STAINMASTER® carpet with TruSoft™ fiber will make its debut at the SURFACES tradeshow, and is being promoted as ‘the softest STAINMASTER® fiber yet’!  This new soft nylon 6,6 fiber -- which can be manufactured in many colors, styles and patterns – will help carpets stay soft, durable and beautiful, while delivering the consumer-expected benefits of STAINMASTER® carpet stain and soil resistance. STAINMASTER® carpets with TruSoft™ fiber will become available beginning late in the first quarter of 2012.

“We continually challenge ourselves to look for opportunities to improve upon our offerings to help create differentiated value for our customers,” said Steve Griffith, chief marketing officer, INVISTA Surfaces.   “Our market research continues to confirm that consumers want carpets that are both durable and soft. Through extensive testing, our R&D team has struck the optimum balance of soft fiber design with our proprietary stain and soil resist technologies to create a soft fiber platform on which we are proud to hang the STAINMASTER® brand name.  And, if the reaction from our customers is an indication of success, we are very excited because they’ve been amazed by how great it feels.”

Tom Levi, owner of Levi’s 4 Floors, a long-time STAINMASTER® Flooring Center, added, “These carpets can sell themselves with one little touch.  This product is going to be a game changer.  Its fantastic, soft touch combined with the proven durability of STAINMASTER® products is going to influence the way people select their new carpet.”  

With this introduction, INVISTA continues to focus on softness, building upon the success of its 2009 launch of Luxerell® fiber and 2000 launch of Tactesse™ fiber; both premium, soft fibers that currently represent a significant part of its business.

INVISTA will showcase planned consumer advertising, promotions and merchandising support for STAINMASTER® carpet with TruSoft™ fiber under the “Unbelievably Soft, Unmistakably STAINMASTER® Carpet” tagline. The STAINMASTER® brand has a strong 94 percent total brand awareness; the highest it has been in the last five years*.

New merchandising materials, including sample back labels, Point of Purchase (POP) shelf talkers and consumer literature will be available for retailers to highlight STAINMASTER® carpet products made with new TruSoft™ fiber. This summer, INVISTA will run consumer-reaching TV and online advertising spots that will communicate the new soft touch of STAINMASTER® with TruSoft™ fiber, encouraging them to visit stores and experience this “new touch sensation” in carpet. In addition, INVISTA will launch a national consumer promotion featuring its new STAINMASTER® carpet products, complete with national TV and digital advertising spots as well as extensive POP materials for participating retailers.  INVISTA will give retailers more information about these promotional activities.

STAINMASTER® carpet with TruSoft™ fiber is just one example of how INVISTA Surfaces continues to leverage the strength of the STAINMASTER® brand to the evolving consumer by continually delivering innovations with outstanding performance and beautiful designs.

* Data sources: Hall & Partners US brand tracking survey – August 2011; JRP Marketing Research Services.

Linda R. Morin


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