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Garments Bearing Counterfeit LYCRA® Fiber Hangtags Seized and Destroyed at Polish Customs

INVISTA, one of the world’s largest integrated producers of polymers and fibers, and owner of the LYCRA® fiber brand, has taken action once again to protect its trademarks. In Gliwicie, Poland, 2,000 pairs of trousers—originating from China and bearing counterfeit LYCRA® fiber hangtags without containing authentic LYCRA® fiber—were seized and destroyed by Polish Customs.

The Polish customs officials suspected the goods were counterfeit and seized them in August 2011, after which they informed INVISTA, the trademark owner. INVISTA launched an investigation confirming that the goods were counterfeit: the elastane used in the trousers was not INVISTA’s LYCRA® fiber, even though the trousers were identified with LYCRA® fiber hangtags, which were counterfeit, as well.

“Trademark infringement is taken very seriously at INVISTA and we will continue to take action against illegal production, distribution, trading and importing or exporting of counterfeit goods,” said Max Wiesendanger, executive vice president for INVISTA’s Apparel business, Western regions (Americas and Europe). “Our customers and the end-consumers trust our brand’s quality, innovation and performance and we will uphold the high levels of expectation by conserving the LYCRA® fiber name to protect not only ourselves, but also the well-being of our clients,” he said.

The importer agreed to the destruction of the garments and had to pay a fine. In the end, the importer also had to sign a statement promising not to infringe INVISTA's intellectual property rights in the future. The destruction of the counterfeit items took place on Dec. 28, 2011, near Opole, Poland, in the presence of a customs official, INVISTA trademark representatives and the importer of the infringing goods.

Kristin Altimari


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