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A part of your everyday life

The world we live in is filled with challenges and needs. So, a long time ago, we took on the challenge of fulfilling these needs. And through the dedication and innovation of thousands of people at INVISTA, we’ve been discovering solutions and developing products for the benefit of millions of people around the globe ever since.

Our polymers and chemical intermediates are the foundation for many of the plastics you use every day, and our fibers can be found in many of the clothes you wear.

As a subsidiary of Koch Industries since 2004, we’ve applied Market-Based Management® to our business to create value for not only our customers, but society as a whole – and continue to be a leader in many value chains, from intermediates to the ultimate consumer.


80 years of innovation

Becoming an industry leader didn’t happen overnight, nor by accident. From the beginning, our business has been driven and transformed through constant innovation. It’s at the heart of what we do, and it’s the focus of our employees every day as they work to find new and better ways to improve our products and processes while adding value to all of INVISTA. Over the years, it’s how we’ve brought breakthrough technologies to market for the benefit of everyone.

We’ve created carpeting that resists stains and lasts longer. Developed biodegradable solvents that clean up, but break down. And crafted long-lasting performance fabrics that help athletes and first responders push the limits of human possibility.

All in the spirit of minimizing our environmental impact while improving the goods we make and the way we do business to better serve you.

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At INVISTA, we have a portfolio of advantaged technologies available to license in the nylon 6,6 value chain. Contact us to learn more.

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