China ADN: Project Update

Crews are busy on site at the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP) as progress continues for the INVISTA Nylon Chemicals (China) Co., Ltd., adiponitrile (ADN) project. As shown in the photos, construction of roads and underground work has begun and temporary facilities are going up at the worksite. The team is planning a June 16 groundbreaking ceremony for the over $1 billion USD (more than 7 billion RMB) investment. Once complete, the 400,000-ton ADN plant will help meet the growing demand for nylon 6,6 chemical intermediates in China and the Asia Pacific region.

英威达尼龙化工(中国)有限公司位于上海化学工业区(SCIP)的己二腈项目不断推进,工地上的工作人员正在忙碌施工着。 如图所示,道路和地下工程已经开始施工,工地上的临时设施也正在兴建中。 该项目计划于6月16日举行奠基仪式,总投资超过10亿美元(70亿人民币)。 一旦建成,这家年产40万吨的己二腈工厂将满足中国和亚太地区对尼龙6,6化学中间体不断增长的需求。