INVISTA Launches Antron® Lumena DNA™ Fiber System

INVISTA recently launched Antron® Lumena DNA™ fiber, the first nylon fiber system with built-in, long-lasting protection against the top performance attributes - stain, soil, texture.  Antron® Lumena DNA™ is designed for a more effective and efficient clean, helping end users reduce their total cost of carpet ownership.

“While Antron® fiber has a reputation for long-lasting durability and performance, our research consistently suggests that the market also wants flooring that is easier to clean,” said Denise Silbert, North American Marketing and Business Development Leader for the Antron® brand, INVISTA.  “We are thrilled to be bringing this product to the commercial flooring industry.  Simply put, Antron® Lumena DNA™ has all of the technology built into the fiber, eliminating the need to apply topical protective treatments during the manufacturing process and providing a longer-lasting, more effective clean.”  When compared to competitive nylon carpets, Antron® Lumena DNA™ fiber can last up to 75 percent longer, helping the carpet look beautiful on day one and for years to come.

Antron® Lumena™ carpet fiber will transition to Antron® Lumena DNA™ fiber.  With nearly 300 on-trend color options, Antron® Lumena DNA™ fiber will be offered in rich neutrals and vibrant accents. 
Additional performance benefits of carpets made of Antron® Lumena DNA™ fiber when compared to carpets made of competitive nylon fiber include:

• Texture Retention – up to two times better
• Stain Resistance – up to ten times better
• Soil Resistance – 65 percent better
• Fade Resistance – up to three times better

“One of the drivers behind creation of this fiber innovation is the desire to help facilitate a cleaner environment for the occupants of commercial spaces.  Building off our high-performance carpet fibers, we’re holding ourselves to a higher standard by creating solutions that put people first,” said Silbert.  “Antron® Lumena DNA™ fiber contributes to a clean, wellbeing-focused environment which often promotes increased occupant productivity.”  Several INVISTA mill partners are ready to begin using Antron® Lumena DNA™ fiber to design new carpet styles. Visit to learn more.