Progress continues on China ADN project as piling nears completion

In the weeks since the groundbreaking ceremony in June, progress continues for the INVISTA Nylon Chemicals (China) Co., Ltd., adiponitrile (ADN) project at the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP). As shown in the photos, construction of roads and temporary facilities continues at the worksite. Additionally, piling is nearing completion, which will be soon followed by excavation for foundations and the concrete foundations being poured.
Once complete, the more than $1 billion USD (more than 7 billion RMB) 400,000-ton/year ADN plant will help meet the growing demand for nylon 6,6 chemical intermediates in China and the Asia Pacific region.

自今年6月举行奠基仪式以来的几周,英威达尼龙化学(中国)有限公司在上海化学工业区(SCIP)的己二腈(ADN)项目进展顺利。 如照片所示,道路和临时设施的建设正在进行,桩基工程也即将完成,紧随其后的是基础开挖和混凝土基础的浇筑。