With the support of Shanghai Municipal Government, INVISTA advances its ADN project

Wu Qing, member of the Standing Committee of Shanghai Municipal Committee and Shanghai vice mayor, held a video conference with Jeff Gentry, chairman and chief executive officer of INVISTA.

Earlier this year, the soon-to-be-built ADN project of INVISTA Nylon Chemicals (China) Co., Ltd. was listed as one of 2020’s key construction projects in Shanghai. At the April 17 meeting, Vice Mayor Wu Qing enquired about progress of this important project for the region.

During their discussion, Gentry provided Vice Mayor Wu with updates on how the project is steadily advancing with the strong support of the Shanghai Municipal Government and the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP). For example, INVISTA Nylon Chemicals recently signed a natural gas supply agreement with Shanghai Gas Co., Ltd. and an industrial gases supply contract with Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Industrial Gases Co., Ltd. Further, INVISTA Nylon Chemical’s storage and terminal  partner, Vopak Shanghai Logistics Co. Ltd, received key permits and expects their site construction to begin in early June. INVISTA Nylon Chemicals continues to work closely with all stakeholders to prepare for a groundbreaking ceremony for the project this June. These milestones will help the project advance smoothly and are strong indicators for completion and start-up of the entire ADN project in 2022.

Vice Mayor Wu Qing congratulated INVISTA for its recent progress on the project. He said, “Although we all are facing the challenges brought by the pandemic, we believe that with the joint efforts of the Shanghai Municipal Government and INVISTA, this project will advance on schedule. We will continue to support this key project as always and look forward to your groundbreaking ceremony in June.”

"We appreciate the Shanghai Municipal Government and related government agencies, especially SCIP, for their strong support of our ADN project,” said Gentry. “We are confident in China and the success of this project for many reasons, including the growing demand for high-quality nylon products in China and the Asia-Pacific region and the continued optimization of the business environment in Shanghai.”

Gentry continued, “Supported by the Shanghai municipal government, our employees, operating companies and partners found a way to achieve significant milestones while overcoming the growing challenges of the pandemic. Although this crisis brings some uncertainty to the global market, the chemical industry, as one of the pillars for Shanghai’s and China's economic development, remains promising in its resilience and long-term competitiveness."