A part of your everyday life

The world we live in is filled with challenges and needs. Driven by the pursuit of innovation, we’ve been discovering solutions and developing products for the benefit of millions of people around the globe ever since.

Made stronger with Koch

Our polymers and chemical intermediates are the foundation for many of the plastics you use every day, and our fibers are woven into many of the fabrics and materials you rely on. As a subsidiary of Koch Industries since 2004, we apply Principle Based Management™ to our business to create value for not only our customers, but society as a whole – and we continue to be a leader in many value chains. 

80 years of innovation

Becoming an industry leader didn’t happen overnight, nor by accident. From the beginning, our business has been driven and transformed through constant innovation. It’s at the heart of what we do, and it’s the focus of our employees every day as they work to find new and better ways to improve our products and processes while adding value to all of INVISTA.

Products and brands

High-quality products start with superior ingredients. As a leading producer of chemical intermediates for the nylon and polypropylene value chains, many major companies and manufacturers trust INVISTA for the polymers and fibers that help them deliver products that stand out.


Join our team

We have a wide range of diverse career opportunities in operations, IT, engineering and other capabilities that accelerate innovation and drive transformation across our global teams.