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Everywhere you turn, INVISTA is right there working to make your life better. In almost every room of your house, in almost every facet of your every day, you can count on INVISTA products.

Our fibers are designed to keep carpets cleaner and soldiers combat-ready. We’re right there with you, in every backswing and breaststroke, for every family meal or bedtime story. We make the fibers and fabrics that move the world forward.

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Greater outdoors

From backpacks to hiking boots, stuff sacks to scuba gear, we make dependable and durable outerwear and equipment you can count on.


Tougher threads

Militaries and emergency responders alike rely on resilient workwear and gear made from INVISTA fabrics to get the job done.


Safer commutes

When you click your seatbelt, know that – from the fibers in your air bags to the stitching in your car seats – we’ve got your back.


Sounder slumber

From the filling in your pillow to the lining of your comforter, our fiberfill helps you catch more ZZZs.

License our technology

At INVISTA, we have a strong portfolio of advantaged technologies available for license covering the polyester supply chain, spandex intermediates, nylon 6,6 polymer and refining optimization.

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