A closer look at our products and brands

Everywhere you look, INVISTA is right there working to make life better. While you might not always notice them, our brands and technologies make life a little more comfortable for everyone. From advancements in packaging to innovations for fabrics, these are just the some of the names customers count on for quality and performance.

Delivering quality chemical intermediates

At INVISTA, we make the chemical ingredients – including adiponitrile (ADN), hexamethylene diamine (HMD), adipic acid (AA) and polymer-grade propylene (PGP) – that are essential for so many different products. And we continue to build our production capabilities around the world to meet future market demand for these critical intermediates while reinforcing the global supply.

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Our strength in nylon production

As a leader in the production of nylon intermediates and polymer resins, INVISTA makes the chemical ingredients – nylon polymers – that go into a diverse range of products. From heat-resistant plastics that can replace steel components in modern vehicles to electronics and electrical connectors, nylon creates new possibilities for a changing world. And it all starts at INVISTA.

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A flexible producer of high-quality polypropylene

Leveraging years of development and experience in the polymerization of polypropylene, INVISTA can produce more than 100 unique grades of this lightweight thermoplastic for a wide range of applications and end uses – from containers for household cleaners to flexible food packaging and even lifesaving medical equipment. With robust onsite compounding capabilities, we can partner with customers to develop specialty materials that meet their specific needs.