Respect for the world around us

As environmental stewards for the areas in which we operate, we apply the Guiding Principles of Principle Based Management™ to ensure we’re using our resources efficiently, maintaining responsible operating practices and acting responsibly. These efforts aren’t just reflected in our practices, but in what we produce – like long-lasting materials that minimize our footprint and enhance product performance.

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Producing ADN responsibly

Using the latest technology for ADN production, INVISTA has managed to improve product yields and reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GhG) emissions with enhanced process stability. In fact, INVISTA’s latest ADN technology results in half the GhG emissions and uses 40% less energy per unit or production (compared to the competing technology).

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Making polypropylene sustainably

At our Longview, Texas, polypropylene production facility – one of the most innovative and efficient chemical plants in America – we produce a type of polypropylene known for its recyclability. We also recycle more than 96% of our production waste, earning the Texas Chemistry Council’s Excellence in Caring for Texas Award in 2019 and 2020. And at our Houston-based polymer grade polypropylene plant, we have reduced flare emissions by 26% since 2019 and well water usage by 54% since 2018 while also reducing process safety events.

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Protecting wildlife habitats

In 2019, INVISTA completed a 15-month project to renovate the 53-acre constructed wetland adjacent to the company’s Victoria, Texas, facility, which has served as an outdoor environmental classroom for more than 75,000 students and educators since 1998. INVISTA has also been recognized for its commitment to environmental stewardship by the Wildlife Habitat Council, with multiple sites earning conservation certification from the WHC.

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