Operating with social responsibility

Because we value the safety of our employees, we work to maintain strict safety standards that exceed regulatory expectations. This allows us to operate facilities where people can thrive and do their jobs with peace of mind. And it helps us build mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships with others who share our operating commitments, and who are principled and focused on creating value for society, as well as our communities.

Man and girl smiling and laughing

A vision for charitable investment

At INVISTA, our vision for corporate charitable investment aligns with Koch Industries’: To advance equal rights, openness and progress through mutual benefit and the belief that all people are capable of extraordinary things. We do this by creating the best possible work environment where all people can develop their unique talents and abilities, enabling them to transform their lives and communities.

Making a community impact

Being a good neighbor in the communities where our facilities are rooted is critical to our success as an organization. But more than that, it’s simply how we choose to do business. Because, for our employees, these towns and cities aren’t just names on a map – they’re home. And that makes them home to us, too, so we make it a point to serve the communities in which we live and operate.

Diversity and inclusion

We are managed in accordance with Koch's Principle Based Management™ philosophy and Stewardship Framework, which are based on proven principles of human progress and a deep appreciation for the dignity of every individual. This provides guidance on how we approach inclusion and diversity, with a focus on individuals and bottom-up solutions. Our eight MBM® Guiding Principles set the expectation that all employees will act with honesty, integrity and respect. Consistent with these Principles, we recognize and treat employees with fairness, impartiality, awareness and sensitivity.

The latest community news
See how we’re making a positive impact on our surrounding communities by reading about our latest initiatives and news about our facilities.