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Even if you’re not familiar with INVISTA, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered our brands at some point in your day-to-day life. From innovations in carpeting to clothing, these are just the some of our brand names you can count on for quality and performance.

ANTRON® brand

The ANTRON® brand makes walking a little easier on your feet, and helps keep common areas cleaner and more comfortable. That’s because ANTRON® flooring products are designed to look newer longer and allow for easier clean-up in away-from-home spaces, so they can hold up to whatever life throws at them.


DACRON® fiberfill

From pillows to comforters and mattress toppers, DACRON® has sleep down to a science. For more than 50 years, DACRON® has focused on all the details that have a big impact on sleep. No matter your sleep preference, DACRON® is dedicated to designing sleep solutions that deliver a better night’s sleep, so you can be at the top of your game every morning.


Open Road airbag fabric

As the first brand of uncoated airbag fabric built on proven INVISTA technology, Open Road airbag fabric gives automakers and vehicle interior designers added flexibility when creating the vehicles of tomorrow. Our proprietary process for Open Road airbag fabric creates a product that’s lighter and up to 25% thinner than the competition. And because it’s uncoated, Open Road airbag fabric is also entirely recyclable for use in other high-value applications. It’s the kind of innovation that could only come from the largest supplier of airbag fiber in the world.

DBE® esters

When performance, regulatory acceptance and cost-effectiveness matter most, DBE® esters fit the bill for applications such as coatings, inks, foundry binders, adhesives, pigments and polyols, to name just a few.

DYTEK® Idea Intermediates

Our DYTEK® Idea Intermediates team works closely with customers to bring flexible, imaginative new possibilities to life across a range of unique applications – from fuel additives to pharmaceuticals, wind turbines to water treatment.


CORDURA® fabric

Field-tested over the last five decades, CORDURA® fabric has built its name on durability. Utilized by manufacturers of high-performance gear, as well as a number of the world’s leading militaries, CORDURA® offers best-in-class performance for today’s top brands, making any product it's stitched into that much tougher and long-lasting.

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At INVISTA, we have a portfolio of advantaged technologies available to license in the nylon 6,6 value chain. Contact us to learn more.

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