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Moving ahead

Our proprietary, market-leading adiponitrile (ADN) technology is one of the most efficient ADN technologies in use today, producing ADN with reduced energy consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Adiponitrile is a key component in the production of nylon 6,6 and other specialty nylons, and is incorporated into many of the plastics and fabrics around you – in your car, in your kitchen, and even in your kids’ sports equipment.

Committed to constant innovation

Research and development is a never-ending process at INVISTA. We’ve tested and taken numerous innovations to market that have benefitted the lives of consumers – from performance fibers that changed the way clothing could fit and feel, to specialty chemicals and fibers (like those in your car’s air bags) that make the world around you a better, safer place to live. We have the resources and facilities to keep the wheels of innovation constantly turning, like our Kingston nylon manufacturing facility, which is home to INVISTA’s global research and development center for nylon fibers.


Teaming up for biotechnology

At INVISTA, we are excited about the potential for biotechnology to generate long-term value for our customers and the industry. Our scientists have created innovative tools that can accelerate the development of these technologies, and we are working with leading organizations to explore advantaged bioprocesses for a range of target chemical products.


Fabrics and fibers of the future

We understand we can’t rely on the technology of yesterday to take us into the future. So we’re constantly developing new products that push the concept of what’s possible, like carpeting that can capture dust and allergens until you’re ready to vacuum them up.

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License our technology

At INVISTA, we have a portfolio of advantaged technologies available to license in the nylon 6,6 value chain. Contact us to learn more.

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